Pandora #MusicologistMondays

The Ask

Pandora wanted a way to tell the brand’s story on social in a way that would appeal to a millennial audience.

The Insight

Pandora has three key elements, each deserving of their own content series on social:

  1. People
    Pandora has a team of incredible talent, called Musicologists, working to bring you music you’ll love. They’re DJs, singers, drummers, and scholars – people who live and breathe music, from Tuareg guitar to top 40 hits.
  2. The Music Genome Project
    Pandora uses 450+ attributes to describe songs and a complex mathematical algorithm to serve up songs you’re more likely to enjoy.
  3. Personalization
    With trademark ‘thumbs-up’ and –thumbs-down, Pandora helps users define what songs they’re enjoying to provide customers with the most tailored song selection possible.

We decided to first focus on the human touch Pandora brings to its listening experience.

The Work

We established #MusicologistMonday to reinforce the story of the human element behind Pandora and highlight musicologists who make sure the next song matters.

On the Friday before each #MusicologistMonday, we release short video teasers on Pandora social channels to introduce each musicologist to our fans and get them excited about the next week’s content.

On Monday morning, we launch each new #MusicologistMonday with a follow-up video, giving fans a more in-depth look at the featured musicologist and what they’re passionate about.

During the day, a musicologist takes over Pandora’s Twitter and Instagram channels to drive a conversation with fans about music, technology, and more.

Pandora also publishes a long-form blog post about a music topic of their choice on Musicology – their lightly branded page on Medium – to expose their story to a broader audience interested in music and allow for more rich discussion about the evolution of music and technology.

The Team

Copywriter: Amy Bryant
Sr. Art Director: Olga Montserrat
Group Creative Director: Michelle Franzoia

Behind The Scenes

#MusicologistMonday Videos

#MusicologistMonday Launch Post